The Larmenius Inheritance

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UK customers can purchase the book in paperback or download it for Kindle

US customers can purchase the book in paperback or download it for Kindle

1502: Knight of Christ, Miguel Corte-Real, sets out from Portugal on a secret voyage across the Atlantic. Hidden amongst his cargo is a legendary treasure – its very existence known only to those deemed worthy.

Five hundred years later, esteemed history professor William Anson is found murdered in La Rochelle. Around his neck, an ancient medallion, one that has not been seen since 1307. He is the grandmaster of the Knights of Arcadia: a society of men deemed worthy. His killers, a ruthless brotherhood, whose existence is equally legendary.

And they will not rest until they have reclaimed what was once theirs.

For Anson’s son, navy outcast Matt Anson, his father’s death is just the start of a series of events that turn his life upside down. Meanwhile, in London, journalist Nicole Stocker is sent to look into a string of deaths, including the mysterious demise of Anson. But as progress starts to be made, she is dragged off the case, attacked, and soon running for her life.

As the futures of Anson and Stocker become intertwined, it becomes clear there is more at stake than mere history. An explosive secret remains buried, one that threatens to bring half the world to its knees. And some want it exposed…